Star makes naked protest against Trump while thousands take to the streets

Star makes naked protest against Trump while thousands take to the streets

‘Blurred Lines’ beauty Emily Ratajkowski joined the growing protests against Donald Trump’s election — by posting a stunning topless shot to highlight his stance on women’s issues.

Wearing just a nude thong, the 25-year-old American supermodel and actress declared “My body, My choice” as she took to Instagram to voice her concerns.

The phrase is used by the pro-choice movement to support a woman’s right to have an abortion and is a backlash against what is perceived to be a lack of respect for women displayed by Trump, who was recorded saying that as a star he could grab women by the ‘p***y’.

Women’s groups also fear Trump will appoint a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that could row back America’s liberal abortion laws.

Gone Girl beauty Emily posted pictures of herself clasping her hands across her cleavage with nothing but pink roses concealing her modesty 

Emily also weighed into the debate, following Trump’s shock election last week, telling her fans to stop calling those Americans who supported him stupid.

“Can we please stop calling Americans stupid? Maybe we need to start providing better OPTIONS,” she tweeted.

“Politics have become something the population feels belongs to some elite group of people who are just interested in ‘that kind of thing’. In fact, politics are for everyone — they impact us all! When people feel disinterested in politics that’s a bad sign about the government.

“Not about the population. Democracy works when candidates really represent the interests of the people. 

“Ppl dismissing other ppl as stupid is how the media missed Trumps ascension and how the DNC lost its electability.”

Protests continued  across the US yesterday, with thousands  taking to the streets of Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco chanting “We reject the president elect” and “Whose streets? Our Streets.”