Spanish police reveal details of Europe-wide horsemeat scandal

Spanish police reveal details of Europe-wide horsemeat scandal

Spanish police have revealed details of a major operation against alleged fraudsters behind a Europe-wide food scandal which led to old horsemeat being sold as beef in Ireland and the UK.

A Dutch meat trader dubbed ‘Flash Harry’ by his neighbours denied duping customers when the scandal broke in 2013.

It has emerged Jan Fasen is languishing in jail in Spain after being arrested and extradited from Belgium.

Spanish Civil Guard went public with new details about their involvement in the dismantling of a network suspected of putting horsemeat not apt for human consumption into the food chain and making a staggering POUNDS 20 million-a-year profit.

They revealed 65 people had been arrested in Spain alone over the alleged scam after a Spanish court probing the scandal lifted a secrecy order which had previously prevented the authorities from making any official comment.

The arrests were made throughout Spain in an operation in conjunction with crime-fighting organisation Europol and developed in coordination with several EU countries including Britain and Belgium following the 2013 food scare.

Horse DNA was discovered in frozen beef burgers sold in a number of British and Irish supermarkets, including four of Tesco’s own-brand meat products, in 2013.
Ten million burgers ended up being taken off shelves and sales fell by 43 per cent. As many as 13 European countries were implicated in the scandal.