Social media users ask Cork fans not to fly Confederate flag

A picture tweeted by the Rubberbandits
A picture tweeted by the Rubberbandits

People have taken to social media asking Cork hurling fans not to fly the Confederate flag at Croke Park today.

The controversial flag has become a symbol for segregation and racism in recent years with the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists.

And with the current unrest in the US city of Charlottesville, Virginia that has left one woman dead and several others injured some Twitter users have asked Cork supporters to think twice about how they show their support.

Among those take to Twitter were the Rubberbandits, who tweeted: “In pointing this out on FB &acknowledging corks innocence. It has drawn out real Cork shitheads who fly it in defiance of ‘PC culture’.

“I've just been accused of silencing and shaming the poor people who want to fly confederate flags at cork matches.

“Not even asking for them to be banned. Cork people are generally sound, and would probably stop if they had a think about it.”

Another  added: “Any Cork fan with a Confederate flag today should be banned from the stadium.”

"After the events in #charlotesville I hope the cork supporters take note and do not wave confederate flags in croke park tomorrow."