TV3 presenter Sinead Desmond opens up about "brutal" marriage break-up

Sinead with former husband David
Sinead with former husband David

Sinead Desmond has opened up for the first time about her marriage break-up three years ago, saying it was “brutal and heartbreaking”.

The TV3 presenter and her husband David Ryan ended their marriage in 2012, after four years married.

Ireland AM host Sinead keep the split secret for five months before confirming the marriage’s end in a statement in early 2013.

However, the 41-year-old has now spoken about her ordeal, wishing to provide others in similar circumstances with a vision of hope for the future.

Sinead said: “I haven’t spoken publicly about my marriage breakdown for a whole host of reasons.

 “But I do want to say something to anyone out there who has come to the harsh realisation that they need to go down this difficult road, or maybe in the midst of it, or are just coming out the other side of it.”

Now though she says that, despite the trauma she suffered, life is “great”.

She said: “Marriage breakdown, separation and divorce, the whole lot of it is brutal. It’s heartbreaking, soul-battering and confidence shattering.

“But – and it’s a very big but – no one died, and someone going through all this will hopefully come to understand, as I have, that you’ve been given a second chance to live the life you want.

 “Yes you will fall apart, I know I did. But with the support and love of family and good friends and in my case very thoughtful Ireland AM viewers, you slowly begin to put yourself back together again.

“Then, if you really want to and you’re lucky, you can find someone you’ll be truly happy with.”