Shane goes on a mender

Shane MacGowan recovers with pint
Shane MacGowan recovers with pint

Shane MacGowan is back home - and back enjoying a bevy - after breaking his pelvis in a fall.

Our exclusive picture shows the legendary singer back in his home in Dublin – having a nice creamy pint in his sick bed.

The 57-year-old had a fall in late August and his partner Victoria Mary Clarke says it happened because he was “doing a complicated dance move”.

“So many lovely messages for Shane,” says Victoria. “He is really moved and is feeling a whole lot better already thanks to everyone thinking about him.”

The hellraiser has defied the odds to become a middle age national icon and treasure.

When not touring with The Pogues the star plays with his new band, Shane MacGowan and The Shane Gang. 

The band currently features John Daly on guitar, Joey Cashman on whistle, John ‘Sarge’ O’Hara on keyboard, Jack Dublin on bass and Paul Byrne on drums.

Shane has had a long history with substance abuse.

Shane and Victoria

In 2001 Sinead O’Connor reported him to the police in London for drug possession – in what she said was an attempt to discourage him from using heroin

At first furious, Shane later expressed gratitude towards Sinead and claimed that the incident helped him kick his heroin habit.[19]

Shane – best known for Christmas favourite Fairytale of New York – has also suffered years of binge drinking and often performs intoxicated.

However, fans still can’t get enough of lovable rogue Shane, with many amazed he has lasted so long.