Same-sex marriage motion torpedoed by DUP

Same-sex marriage motion torpedoed by DUP

The DUP has torpedoed a 'yes' vote for gay marriage in Northern Ireland after MLAs voted to legalise it.

The petition of concern was lodged after MLAs voted 53/52 that same sex marriage should be made legal.

The DUP, which has routinely opposed equal marriage, issued the petition of concern before party member Lord Morrow described same-sex marriage as "vacuous".

He quoted an American Supreme Court judge who described marriage between a man and a woman as: "The comprehensive, exclusive permanent union that is intrinsically ordered to producing new life."

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt abstained from voting, saying that the vote was "rendered utterly meaningless by the DUP's pre-cooked petition of concern".

Peter Lynas from the Evangelical Alliance told the Belfast Telegraph that changing civil partnership legislation is the way to move forward.

 He said: "The Evangelical Alliance supports marriage between a man and woman as it's understood in the majority of countries around the world.

"If the latest motion in Stormont is really about equality then we are happy to have a discussion about how you fix the civil partnership legislation - we think that's the way to do it."