'Remember this when I have a gun to your head and my c**k in your mouth'

Damien Galvin
Damien Galvin

This is the thug whose gang is suspected of a violent campaign of terror and death threats against gardai in a tiny rural station.

Damien Galvin has previously been jailed over threats to officers who arrested him for non-payment of fines.

In a sinister threat to one officer, Galvin made the shape of a gun with his hands and said: “You’ll remember this day when I’m standing over you with a gun to your head and my c*** in your mouth.”

The gang outnumbers the five gardai assigned to the station at Carbury, which also covers the village of Derrinturn in north-west Kildare.

CCTV footage showed one attack on April 15, in which two masked men fired two shots from a shotgun at the station and then tried to set it alight, according to sources.

Furious gardai raised the issue this week in a closed-session meeting with Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan at the Garda Representatives Association (GRA) conference in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

The Garda station in Carbery

It emerged that the brazen gang has made death threats to all five gardai which are being taken extremely seriously.

One officer’s house was the target of a petrol bomb attack, according to sources, and all the officers have taken extra security measures at their homes.

The criminals are also blamed for torching at least 12 cars in the area because they thought the owners may have spoken to the gardaí.

The officers can’t park their own vehicles at the station for fear they will be attacked and work closely with other colleagues to ensure they don’t remain isolated.

It was reported that Commissioner O’Sullivan told concerned GRA members that a security review of the situation is already underway.

“They are on their own out there trying to keep this crowd at bay,” said one Sunday World source. 

“The officers are on their own every day and they are a soft target.”

Galvin was previously found guilty of making vile threats to cops who arrested him for failing to pay fines in June 2008.

He told one officer: “I’ll leave your wife a widow.”

According to garda evidence when he was arrested, Galvin said: “I’ll see you out of uniform some night. I’ll get you for this.”

After he was handcuffed and placed in the garda car, the defendant said: “I’ll leave your wife a widow. I’ll get you some night you’re on your own.”

When the defendant was told to calm down, he told the garda to f*** off.

When Galvin was brought into the garda station, he formed his hands into the shape of a gun, pointed at the officer and made his foul-mouthed threat: “You’ll remember this day when I’m standing over you with a gun to your head and my c*** in your mouth.”

Judge Des Zaidan, who described Galvin’s behaviour as “totally outrageous”, imposed a three-month jail sentence and a €600 fine.

Incredibly, the vile thug appeared on the RTE reality television show Six in the City in 2013 despite his convictions, which also include one for possessing a knife.

The father-of-two and his wife featured in an episode of the TV show in which couples compete to show each other the best night out in their home towns.

The Galvins invited fellow contestants, from Derry and Dublin, to “party like culchies”.

Two men were shot dead when Galvin's brother was murdered in Kilcock

In 2012, Galvin was also arrested along with another man following a machete attack which left a man needing 100 stitches to wounds in his back, chest, neck and face.

The assault victim later withdrew his complaint and Galvin wasn’t charged, according to sources.

In the same year, Galvin’s brother Michael was shot when he was caught in the crossfire during a gun attack in which two of his friends, Andy Barry and Lithuanian Zilvinas Varnauskas, were murdered by hitmen at a house in Kilcock, Co. Kildare.

Victim Andrew Barry (31) had been the target of a major garda investigation before he was shot dead in a gangland-style hit.

Barry was also involved in dealing in stolen cars with Varnauskas, who was part of an Eastern European gang specialising in car theft and who happened to be visiting Barry at the time.

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