RED ALERT: Weather warning may hit rare high status within 48 hours

Relentless rain is on the way this weekend
Relentless rain is on the way this weekend

MET EIREANN forecasters warned that they may issue a rare Status Red warning this weekend as rains and high winds lash the country sparking a risk of heavy localised flooding.

Forecasters say there will be "relentless rainfall" particularly in the west as the weekend unfolds.

Downpours coupled with high south westerly winds will lead to dangerous driving conditions and risks of floods.

A spokesman said that the current yellow alert is likely to be upgraded to orange in the short term for the weekend, but may be escalated to the rare red category for weather events that members of the public need to take action to avoid.

Met Eireann is urging people to stay in touch with its forecasts with the heaviest rain expected to begin on Friday evening and continuing to fall "incessantly" into Saturday before clearing on Sunday.  Spot flooding is described as "highly likely" in most parts of the country.

Weather Warnings are presented in three categories:

  1. STATUS YELLOW - Weather Alert - Be Aware

    The concept behind YELLOW level weather alerts is to notify those who are at risk because of their location and/or activity, and to allow them to take preventative action. It is implicit that YELLOW level weather alerts are for weather conditions that do not pose an immediate threat to the general population, but only to those exposed to risk by nature of their location and/or activity.
  2. STATUS ORANGE - Weather Warning - Be Prepared

    This category of ORANGE level weather warnings is for weather conditions which have the capacity to impact significantly on people in the affected areas. The issue of an Orange level weather warning implies that all recipients in the affected areas should prepare themselves in an appropriate way for the anticipated conditions.
  3. STATUS RED - Severe Weather Warning - Take Action

    The issue of RED level severe weather warnings should be a comparatively rare event and implies that recipients take action to protect themselves and/or their properties; this could be by moving their families out of the danger zone temporarily; by staying indoors; or by other specific actions aimed at mitigating the effects of the weather conditions.

What weather conditions are warned for?

Hazards deriving from the following weather-related types are covered by Met Éireann’s weather warnings system:

  1. Wind
  2. Rain
  3. Snow
  4. Low Temperatures
  5. Fog
  6. High Temperatures
  7. Thunderstorms
  8. Coastal Wind Warnings