Previous residents of balcony collapse complex queried building quality

Library Gardens (pic via Google Maps)
Library Gardens (pic via Google Maps)

Library Gardens, the building where a balcony collapse caused the deaths of five Irish students overnight, has had a number of unfavourable reviews about its build quality and management posted online.

Six students who died tragically in balcony collapse have been named by Sheriff’s department HERE

One former resident said on Yelp in October of last year that 'Management is unreliable'.

The reviewer also went on to criticise the complex's cleanliness:

'Huge homeless problem in stairwells and laundry rooms. Piss, Fecal matter, Condoms, articles of clothing in stairwells. Dog poop/pee in courtyards. Very unclean most of the time.'

Another review, also from October last year said 'management is rather slow and unreliable'.

Another, from 2010, complained about maintenence of a leak.

'Another gross/unsightly thing while I was there: during winter, when it was raining a lot, there was a leak in the roof in the hallway on my floor (4th)...which then turned into a huge gaping hole. It was so unsafe/nasty looking, you could see the various layers of material in the ceiling sagging out of the hole. It took several months for them to fix it.'

A site called apartmentratings also has unfavourable reviews of Library Gardens.

One review, from 2009, complains about the build quality, saying: 'The countertop materials crumble and actually lift off of the counter if you tried to move it. ---the paint is cheap and flakes off easily in the units...'

Management did respond to these complaints online, asking for the residents to contact them to discuss further.

There were some positive reviews too, with many praising the building for its low rates and easy access to both public transport and the University.

Meanwhile the man who developed Library Gardens, John DeClercq, was in shock when called by local media

“I am totally speechless and am really feeling for the families,” said DeClercq. “I am feeling terrible.”

DeClerq added that he had used “the best steel guy in California.”

“It was a reputable local general contractor. They hired the best steel and concrete subcontractors. It was a very strong team.”