Pregnant Ava slams Maia over alcohol intake

Ava van Rose has criticised mums-to-be that enjoy a tipple
Ava van Rose has criticised mums-to-be that enjoy a tipple
Maia Dunphy
Maia Dunphy

GLAMOUR model Ava Van Rose has slammed TV star Maia Dunphy for defending drinking alcohol while pregnant with her first child.

Maia, who is married to British comedian Johnny Vegas, recently caused a storm by tweeting that she had the ‘odd drink’ while currently six months pregnant.

She then went on the Late Late Show to explain her rationale and also told the Sunday World recently that she has been subjected to “scaremongering”.

Dubliner Maia (38) had a ‘dry January’ but admits she has since enjoyed a drink.

“I’ve done my research and a few units a week is fine,” she insisted.

“Everyone has got opinions and the scaremongering is crazy.

“I’m not drinking, drinking, but I’m probably having one or two drinks a week, like a glass of wine with Sunday lunch or a beer.  But people look at you and go ‘Oh you’re having a drink? I thought you were pregnant’.

“And then the judgemental stares begin. I’m not taking heroin, I’m having one drink. So I tend to ignore them now.”

Maia also hosted a documentary two years ago as part of RTE’s Reality Bites series, called ‘Merlot & Me –An Authored Documentary on the increasingly serious relationship between Irish Women and Alcohol’.

Ava – whose real name is Bridget Byrne – believes Maia is mistreating her future child by drinking alcohol.

“She is trying to say she is not doing anything wrong but you wouldn’t force a toddler to drink a bottle of alcohol, or you wouldn’t give a baby alcohol, so why would you force your unborn child to do it?” she stresses.

“She also photoshopped her scan photograph with a pint of Guinness on her unborn baby.

“It is so wrong. People like her should be giving a better example.”

Ava says she previously socialised with Maia when the RTE Star wasn’t pregnant.

“I’ve seen her up close in action,” said Ava. “It was in the bar of the Plaza hotel in Tallaght. There was a lot of alcohol, she likes a drink.”