Police launch formal investigation into Berkeley balcony collapse

Police are launching a formal investigation
Police are launching a formal investigation

A formal investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the balcony collapse in Berkeley.

The news comes after Berkeley Police Department confirmed no criminal investigation yesterday and the City of Berkeley concluded in its report that dry rot was to blame for the balcony collapse.

The City of Berkeley confirmed that no person or entity is being investigated, and that city officials had closed their investigation.

The authority said that actions were the only recourse available to those involved in the tragedy.

However, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office made the decision to launch an investigation late yesterday evening after a brief initial assessment of the incident.

And, despite declaring their examinations to be finished, the City of Berkeley local authority and the Berkeley Police Department are now cooperating with the formal investigation, according to RTE.

District Attorney Nancy O'Malley will share the details of the official investigation later this afternoon, but it is expected to focus on the building company, the subcontractors and the landlords.

DA O’Malley has a team of about 60 investigators to look into the cause of the balcony collapse that left fives Irish students and an Irish-American student dead, as well as seven Irish students injured.

The funerals of the tragic victims have been taking place this week, with the funeral of Lorcán Miller to take place this morning.