Paddy Kielty: My father's killers sat in the front row at my gigs

Patrick Kielty
Patrick Kielty

In a TV interview due to be broadcast this Sunday, Northern Irish comedian Patrick Kielty tells of how his father's killers sat in the front row at his gigs.

Paddy's father, Jack Kielty, was shot dead by the UFF, a wing of the UDA, in Dundrum in January 1988.

Speaking to Eamonn Mallie, Kielty revealed: "The people who commanded the organisation that killed my father have sat in the front row of my gigs, and I have shaken their hand.

"Do I accept what they've done? No I don't. Do I accept that times have changed? Yes I do."

This weekend the Sunday World releases a second batch of documents written by supergrass Brian Nelson, which have never before been published in the public domain.

In Nelson's explosive dossier of handwritten confessions, he tells of how a current UDA commander sanctioned the hit on Jack Kielty, but later spoke of his 'serious doubts' that Kielty was a member of the IRA. 

In the interview, due to be broadcast on Irish TV, the stand-up comedian spoke of how he doesn't like to open up about his father's murder, saying: "I get very embarrassed talking about it, if truth be told.

"I think that I am now a 44-year-old man. I think that my father died when he was 45. My father was killed when I was 16, and I think there's a lot of people who have gone through the same things.

"I was never ashamed of what happened. I was never ashamed of telling anybody what happened to my father, but I think there comes a point when things have moved on that whenever you start talking how you feel about things. There's almost a self indulgence to it.

"As I get a bit older I recoil from it, but I think that it's made me the man that I am."