Owners of prize-winning dog allegedly poisoned at Crufts say they have lost "our love, family member and best friend to our son"


One of the owners of a prize-winning dog allegedly poisoned while at the world-famous Crufts show said they have lost "our love, family member and best friend to our son".

Its owners claim the dog, who won second in his class at the English dog show, perished after being poisoned.

However, it is unclear if it was an accident or something more sinister.

Three-year-old Irish setter Thendara Satisfaction, known as Jagger, collapsed and died after returning to Belgium from the show at Birmingham's NEC.

Jagger, who came second in his class at the show on Thursday, is co-owned by Belgian Aleksandra Lauwers and Leicester-based breeder Dee Milligan-Bott.

Ms Milligan-Bott, who described the dog's death as a "heinous crime", posted on her Facebook page to say beef cubes containing up to three different poisons were discovered after an autopsy, and resulted in a painful death for the animal.

She claimed the autopsy also showed that the dog must have been given the meat "while on his bench at Crufts".

Mrs Lauwers wrote on her Facebook page: "To person who has done it, hope you can sleep well knowing you have killed our love, family member and best friend to our son."

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for The Kennel Club, which operates Crufts, said the toxicology report is due next week and “until that time we cannot know the cause of this tragic incident”.

“We have spoken to his owners and our heartfelt sympathies go out to them,” she added.