Overgrown 80kph public road swallowed by grass in Limerick

The grass-covered road
The grass-covered road

An Irish public road – complete with a yield sign and official speed limits – is on the missing list.

The Limerick County road, which was once used as a school run to the village of Kilfinny, has become so overgrown it is now used to graze cows.

Bizarrely, the mile-long country road, which is completely unfit for cars or even a tractor, has a speed limit of 80km an hour.

The L6029 used to be a through road for local people in west Limerick, but most of the tarmac has been swallowed up by grass and almost impassable hedging.

Local Fianna Fáil Councillor Richard O’Donoghue (below) said the road has disappeared.

“It’s just gone. There is about 1km missing. There have been cattle feeding on the road. It has a road number and it has an 80km speed limit on it. There is also a ‘Yield’ sign on it. The signs had to be put up last year by EU law.

“It’s hard to even walk on it. You drive about 200 yards and come to a ditch in front of you and there is a hole in the middle and you start walking from there.

“There are two people living on in. One person can drive in on one side to their house and the other person drives in from the other side to their house.”

He said the council need to clean up the rural roadway, which has all the official markings of a public road.

“It was a through road. The council are liable for it. It is a link road from Kilfinny to the Adare/Ballingarry road in Limerick.

“People who had children going to school in Kilfinny used to use it. The road needs to be cleaned up, reopened and resurfaced.

“It is a council road and should be kept to a council standard or if the council want to give it back to the community it could be maintained as a walking area.”

The council, who said an inspection carried out on the road indicates it needs significant works, said the road will be added to the future roads programme.