Over €30,000 raised for Berkeley tragedy victims in just 24 hours

A huge fund raising effort for the families of the victims has been launched
A huge fund raising effort for the families of the victims has been launched

A crowdfunding page set up to assist the families of those involved in the Berkeley tragedy has raised a staggering sum of money in just 24 hours.

Update: 13.09:

In another act of generosity philanthropic organisation the American Ireland Fund has donated €100,000 (€87,000) to help the familes involved in the tragedy.

In a statment, they said: The tragedy in Berkeley, California has had a profound effect on the Irish at home and around the world.  The task of meeting the needs of the families and friends of the bereaved and injured is urgent. In this regard, The American Ireland Fund announced this morning that it will make a donation of $100,000 to support those who are providing care and assistance on the ground, in particular the The Irish Immigration Pastoral Center San Francisco. 

The crowdfunding has also continued to rise, now with over $42,000 donated to the Irish American Pastoral Center, which is helping the families cope in the Berkeley area. 

The gofundme page was set up by the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center just 24 hours ago and the message on the page reads as follows:

Early in the morning on June 16, 2015, several Irish J1 students in Berkeley, Calif., were involved in a balcony collapse which resulted in six fatalities and seven serious injuries.

This account has been established to raise funds for the students affected by this tragedy and their families, and we ask that you donate what you can.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Your tax-deductable donations will be used to support and assist the immediate needs of the families and students in Berkeley.

Your messages of support and concern are all very much appreciated.  We ask that you please keep the victims, their families, friends and all involved in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to our colleagues in Chicago who worked with us on the creation of this fund.

An incredible $36,452 (€31,933) has been raised already and that number is sure to grow as the page gets shared on social media.