Outrage as war hero flag placed on republican bonfire

The bonfire on Mount Pottinger Road
The bonfire on Mount Pottinger Road

East Belfast residents have contacted to express their outrage at a war remembrance flag being placed upon a republican bonfire to be burned.

A flag commemorating both Irish and British women and men who have been injured or wounded in the line of fire has been placed upon a bonfire in the Mountpottinger Road area in the Short Strand.

Councillor Jim Rodgers spoke to the Sunday World tonight to express his disgust at those who placed the flag on top of the bonfire.

He said: "For the people of Northern Ireland, both Catholic and Protestant, who fought and died in two world wars, this is disgusting.

 "It's disgraceful, and it's in the same league as those who burn political posters and emblems on any fire."

A source in East Belfast has told the Sunday World that the appearance of the flag on the bonfire is raising tensions in the area, however community leaders are working to diffuse the situation.