Members of the Oireachtas banking inquiry continue work on final draft of report

Pearse Doherty
Pearse Doherty

Members of the Oireachtas banking inquiry are continuing work on a final draft report before tomorrow’s deadline.

However, Sinn Féin finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty has already expressed doubt that key questions the public expects will be answered in its report. 

Members of the inquiry committee are in discussions today after failing to reach agreement on key sections last night.

After a 15-hour day yesterday, the members are meeting again for what has been billed as the final day of deliberations.

The draft must go to a legal review tomorrow morning.

Speaking on his way into this morning's meeting, Mr Doherty said he would make a decision this evening on whether to sign off on the report.

However, he said he had serious concerns that it might not be possible to get the full truth about the crisis and its aftermath.

He added that the committee had to get the report finished today as there can be no further extensions.

The members, who heard 413 hours of testimony and received 42,000 documents about the State’s financial collapse, are yet to decide on the findings, recommendations and executive summary elements of their report.

The inquiry, chaired by Labour TD Ciarán Lynch, had hoped to complete the work before the weekend but a number of members are said to be unhappy about aspects of the report and reluctant to sign off on it.