PICS: Nudest hurlers brave weather on Wexford beach

PICS: Nudest hurlers brave weather on Wexford beach

Bizarre images of four naked hurlers on a beach on the outskirts of Wexford town have left locals bemused.

Photographs captured by a local on Friday as he walked past the Raven Point beach in Wexford show four middle-aged men enjoying a game of the county’s most beloved sport.

However, the Sunday World has learned the hurling nudists may have ended up in Raven Point accidentally, as the website Irish Naturist Forum had scheduled a walk at Curracloe Beach for the same time on Friday.

Councillor George Lawlor told the Sunday World the site of the naked hurlers had caused bemusement and laughter but little condemnation in the local community.

 “If this had been on Curracloe beach I think people would have been more annoyed because that’s a beach that families would regularly go for walks on,” he said.

“Raven Point is more isolated and secluded and more a place adults would walk without children.

“The pictures have definitely caused a lot of amusement in the area, but in general people are taking the view it’s a bit of harmless fun.

“Most of the people I’ve been contacted said they were sorry they missed the show, but no-one has any idea who these lads are.  

“It’s more than likely tourists and someone sent me a link showing that Wexford beaches have been appearing on naturist websites.”

After the image was posted to Cllr Lawlor’s website, a number of locals weighed in to support the nudists.

“Seen men walking around in the nip there many years back,” wrote one.

“In fairness, they’re doing no harm to anyone. 

“Well maybe themselves, got a smack of a sliotar in the liathroids myself and it’s not funny at all. 

“Even in this weather it’ll bring a major bout of the sweats on you!”