Niccolai Schuster's father makes powerful plea to parents of Ireland

The mass cards from the funeral service for Niccolai Schuster today
The mass cards from the funeral service for Niccolai Schuster today

Jon Schuster made a powerful plea to the parents of Ireland to allow their children to get out and enjoy life to the fullest, despite the tragedy that happened to his son Niccolai in Berkeley.

Speaking at the funeral service in Rathgar, John also begged investigators in California to find out exactly what lead to the tragedy that claimed the lives of six Irish students and injured another seven.

"Let your kids go, do not let this deter you," said John. "Let them have freedom, it will give them life experience," he added.

He also went on describe how difficult the news from Berkeley was for the family.

"We have lost our magical son and we are devastated," said Mr Schuster, who also disclosed that Niccolai's brother Alexei screamed 'I love you Nic' when he heard the tragic news.

John also implored those tasked with finding out what happened in Berkeley that fateful night to do their job to ensure no other family have to go through a similar ordeal.

"Leave no stone unturned in this investigation, this cannot happen again," he said.

Last night a preliminary report found that 'severe' dry rot was found in the structure of the balcony that collapsed. A full report will not be released for a few months.