New York Times apologise for controversial Berkeley tragedy article

The New York Times have responded to complaints
The New York Times have responded to complaints

NYT Vice President Eileen Murphy has apologised for the piece that angered so many today.

Update: 16.37: "We understand and agree that some of the language in the piece could be interpreted as insensitive, particularly in such close proximity to this tragedy," said NYT Vice President Eileen Murphy.

"It was never our intention to blame the victims and we apologise if the piece left that impression. We will continue to cover this story and report on the young people who lost their lives."

"It was intended to explain in greater detail why these young Irish students were in the U.S.," 

The article, which interspersed details of the tragedy that killed six young Irish students with tales of drunken antics by other J1 visa holders, was heavily criticised on social media this morning.

It also referred to the entire J1 scheme as 'a source of embarrassment to Ireland'.

The role of the public editor is to field queries and complaints from readers and Margaret Sullivan has responded this morning, posting

We will now wait to see what transpires but the article remains on the site unedited at the time of writing (13.45pm)