New system to catch light-breaking drivers at dangerous LUAS junction

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New system in place on dangerous LUAS junction
New system in place on dangerous LUAS junction

After a spate of accidents one of Dublin's busiest LUAS junctions will have a new system in place to nab motorists from this morning.

The junction of Blackhall Place and Benburb Street has seen a number of incidents over the years, most recently last month when a car collided with the city-bound Red Line tram.

From this morning, a new series of cameras will monitor the junction to look for motorists breaking the red lights. Motorists spotted will be hit with three penalty points and a €120 fine.

The camera is linked directly to the Garda PULSE system and if the incident results in a conviction, the penalty points go up to five.

In the 11 years that the LUAS has been running there have been 338 collisions, 95 per cent of which were on the Red Line.