Naked man found sprawled out beside horse he'd been riding in the middle of the night

The man reportedly mounted the 'unbroken' horse before it bucked him off
The man reportedly mounted the 'unbroken' horse before it bucked him off

A man in his 50s has been found naked in Castlewellan Forest Park after falling of a horse he was riding naked in the middle of the night.

Three young men who were camping at the time appear to have come across the equestrian fan lying on the ground stark naked.

The man reportedly mounted one of the horses, which was 'unbroken', before the animal bucked him off, leaving him with a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm.

Patsy King, co-owner of the nearby equestrian centre, said he was alerted to the incident by police.

She said: "I saw an ambulance heading up the road towards the picnic area, just up the road from Mount Pleasant.


"They said there was a guy in the field and they wanted to get him out, I asked why he couldn't get out the same way he came in but apparently he couldn't.


"There was a car parked, a camp fire was going and two or three young guys were standing there.


"Beside the car on the grass was a ground sheet, I asked the young guys what was happening and they said there was a guy in the field riding a horse and all his clothes were lying there."

 Patsy added that the horse the man tried to climb atop of would not have been used to having a person on its back.

"There never was a saddle or person on it in its life so as soon as he tried to get on its back it would've went bucking bronco and thrown him off.

"He was lying beside the wall, completely starkers and there was a policewoman shining a torch on him while the ambulance crew were treating him.

"They eventually put a blanket around him and put him in the ambulance.

 "I would say horse riding for him is a non-starter.

"I checked the next evening and he had a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder.

"So much for his bareback riding."