Muslims hand out thousands of roses to passers-by on London Bridge

Muslims hand out thousands of roses to passers-by on London Bridge

A group of Muslims have been handing out roses with messages on London Bridge just over a week after three knifemen attacked people in the area.

The 1000 Roses London initiative, organised by a group of London-based Muslims, is “an expression of love, solidarity and appreciation” following the horrific events last weekend that claimed the lives of eight victims who were enjoying a night out in the capital.

Their message said: “This is the place, the time, the moment to take the pen and write narratives of love and solidarity – not of hate and division.

“We won’t let London Bridge fall down nor any bridge upon which the communities of this great city and nation are built.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the London Bridge terror ringleader had been trying to obtain a job as a security guard at Wimbledon lawn tennis club.

Khuram Butt had set up an interview with the firm that supplies safety stewards to the summer tennis tournament, as well as Premier League football clubs.

Security services and counter-terrorism police are now investigating Butt's motive in trying to get the job.

One possibility is that Butt had considered targeting the tennis competition but decided to speed up the plot following the Manchester Arena bombing, and switched the attack to London Bridge.

Father-of-two Butt (27) had previously worked for six months on the London Underground.

Although he was under low-level investigation by MI5 and counter-terrorism police, Butt was able to get a job working at Westminster Underground Station as employers are not made aware of security services' concerns when performing criminal record checks.