Motorists endure 15-hour delays at Dover

Motorists endure 15-hour delays at Dover

Motorists in Britain heading for Dover to cross the Channel to France are facing a second day of tailbacks.

British officials are being drafted in to work with French border police after the UK government admitted motorists had suffered "extraordinary disruption".

People were stuck overnight and others were stranded for hours in tailbacks yesterday as they made their way towards the Channel at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Increased security checks were put in place by French authorities at the port in light of recent terror attacks.

However, questions have been raised as to staffing levels in place to deal with the huge increase in people travelling during the holiday period.

A local politician said that holidaymakers and other travellers were owed an apology after planning failures led to chaotic conditions.

Motorists spent up to 15 hours yesterday at a standstill in queued traffic while bottled water was dropped along the jam by a police helicopter.

Kent police said the disruption was down to a "vast volume of holiday traffic" coupled with delays caused by heightened security at the border.

People travelling have been advised to take food and water supplies, check ahead before setting out, and to make alternative arrangements if possible.

Police warned that delays could last until tomorrow.