Mother of child hit in Navan egg attack at No event speaks of daughter's ordeal

Muireann was described as 'terrified' by her mother Aoife after the attack
Muireann was described as 'terrified' by her mother Aoife after the attack

Aoife DeClár, whose 10-year-old daughter Muireann was hit with an egg at an event in Navan for the No campaign has described how scared her daughter, who is allergic to eggs, was when she had a serious reaction.

The mother told about the incident, that happened yesterday afternoon at a Mothers and Fathers Matter event at Navan Shopping Centre.

"We had stopped for photographs at the 'No' billboard and there was a row of children sitting next to it.

"The children ranged in age from three to ten. There were also three babies in buggies.

"I suddenly heard Muireann screaming 'I'm allergic to egg'. I turned around and it was dripping down her face.

"She was hysterical. She has severe allergies to egg and has gone into anaphylactic shock in the past.

"She has also been hospitalised on a number of occasions.

"She was getting more and more distressed so we decided we had to get her away from the egg as quickly as possible.

"At this stage a rash had started to develop and was making its way down her face, neck and shoulder.

"I had my five children with me but no matter what I did I couldn't console her."

Aoife also said her daughter was "petrified" the person would return on the bike and throw more eggs.

"I brought her home as quick as I could because she had developed breathing difficulties. I immediately treated her with an Anapen adrenaline injector," Aoife continued.

"It's potentially fatal if she does not get the injection.

"I then gave her antihistamines and washed the egg off her body.

"She has terrible cramps in her stomach and she's afraid to eat anything.

"She didn't consume any of the egg, but she's so sensitive to it that it only has to touch her skin for her to have a reaction.

"She allergic to dairy and has respiratory problems. She also has to take various medication every day."

Gardai have confirmed they are investigating the incident.