Dear and loaded: McGregor fans feeling the pinch after third visit to Vegas

Dear and loaded: McGregor fans feeling the pinch after third visit to Vegas

Hellraiser Conor McGregor was planning to party into the early hours of Sunday morning with travelling fans – after pocketing more than $10million for his fight with American Nate Diaz.

But while the Dubliner was due to host a €50-a-head club party at the Encore nightclub in the Wynn Hotel, there was a depleted McGregor’s Army in Sin City.

That’s because a third Vegas trip to follow their hero in nine months has left most of his fans’ bank accounts drained.

Tour America were this week quoting a minimum price of €940 to go to Vegas, which included five nights accommodation.

McGregor sauntered into the nightclub just after 6am this morning, following his fight against Diaz in the MGM Grand.

Grammy-nominated electronic French DJ Snake provided the tunes, where a minimum admission for guys was €50 and ladies €23. A beer or shot there costs €7, while a cocktail is €18.

While most of McGregor’s fans are now wincing at the heavy costs of following their hero, money is now no object for the star.

In the lead-up to his fight against Diaz, he was seen driving a fire-spitting Lamborghini Huracan, and two Rolls Royce motors sit in the driveway of the stunning Las Vegas ‘Mac-mansion’ he uses in Sin City.

McGregor earned nearly $600,000 for his last fight, UFC 194: $500,000 for the fight, $45,000 for the Reebok outfitting deal, and another $50,000 for winning the Performance of the Night award. 

McGregor faces off against Diaz ahead of their Vegas clash

But he also gets a cut of the pay per view money, rumoured to be between three to five per cent, which would see his overall pay topping the €15m mark.

It’s unclear how much he would make from the Diaz fight, but he did boast that he would breeze past the $10m mark in an interview before the clash.

UFC boss Dana White admitted the capture of the interim title in July coincided with the “biggest gate we’ve ever done in the U.S.”.

‘The Notorious’ then smashed more records with his united title fight against Aldo in December.

White claims McGregor’s July fight had a “$200million dollar impact” on Vegas.

Fans who travelled to the July fight against Chad Mendes spent €1,000 on flights and a four-night accommodation package. This did not include the fight ticket, which cost from €187 upwards.a Tickets for the Diaz fight were starting at $300 (€275).

But the latest fight proved to be too much for a lot of fans who simply couldn’t afford another trip to the gambling capital of the world. 

It’s estimated that just a couple of thousand Irish fans travelled over this time.

Ronan and Rosie Costello with their Conor McGregor flag in Las Vegas

The huge UFC paydays have allowed McGregor to enjoy the trappings of his success.

His fleet of eight cars includes a BMW i8, Cadillac Escalade and a high-powered Mercedes S-Class coupe. He also bought a fleet of gleaming BMW 5-Series for his family. This collection wouldn’t see much change out of €650,000. 

More riches are set to follow, and many agree that Conor deserves it all.