Masked protestors threaten to "burn out" machinery at building site

The site of the protest in Ballymun
The site of the protest in Ballymun

Masked protestors have threatened staff at a site for modular houses for homeless families, delaying their deliver in time for Christmas.

The sinister development comes as the Government planned to have 22 families, currently residing in in hotels, relocated to the prefab units in Ballymun, North Dublin, next week.

A statement released by Dublin City Council (DCC) detailed how a peaceful protest at the site this week has “escalated” and that staff were warned their machinery would be “burned out”.

People wearing balaclavas threatened workers on the night of Thursday, November 26, the day the protest began.

According to the DCC, staff from Western Building systems were allegedly told to "go back to the North or their machinery would be burned out".

The contractor reported that those threatening his staff said that "should he attempt to proceed with any works at the site there would be an additional 150 protesters on the site".