Man suffering heart attack manages to take snap of attackers

The would-be muggers were caught on camera by the victim and CCTV
The would-be muggers were caught on camera by the victim and CCTV

An amateur photographer managed to take pictures of two would-be robbers in a park despite suffering a heart attack.

The 69-year-old man captured images of the pair as he collapsed after they approached him on a motorbike and tried to steal his camera in the attack in the UK.

West Midlands Police have issued the photographs, taken in Dudley's Priory Park on Tuesday, and are appealing for public help to identify the duo.

The victim was confronted by the men, who were riding a stolen motorbike with a false registration plate at around 2.30pm.

Officers say the unnamed victim, who was taking pictures of flowers, had a pre-existing heart condition and is now facing life-saving surgery.

Detective Inspector Nigel Smith, from Dudley Police, said: "Even though the gentlemen fell to the floor as he suffered the heart attack, he still managed to take pictures of his assailants.

"He then managed to crawl back to his house to alert emergency services who took him to hospital."

CCTV images from the car park, showing two men arriving on a red scrambler-type bike, have also been released.

Mr Smith added: "We are continuing to trawl local CCTV to see if they have been captured elsewhere.

"A park is a place of leisure and residents should be able to enjoy them without fear of crime, so we need to find those responsible quickly."