Make the most of the sunshine

Make the most of the sunshine

While the sun is splitting the stones for the time being everyone is urged to make the most of it as it’s not set to last.

Met Eireann meteorologist Harm Luijkx forecasts that today will be cooler than Saturday and dry, while Monday will be a degree or two higher again.

Clouds will probably increase during the day and from Tuesday onwards we'll see more unsettled weather developing over the rest of the week, with rain at times.

"We can't look further than that. Nobody in the world can."

However, that hasn't stopped some alternative weather experts making their predictions.

Michael Gallagher, a retired Donegal postman who bases his predictions on traditional Irish methods, said: "The cold snap at the start of the month, the flowers blossoming and animals such as sheep and cattle returning to the mountains are all signs that things are looking up.

"It'll be a very nice summer. The only problem you will have is thunder (storms). But, I'm pretty confident it will be nice."