Litter bin not emptied for almost three years (but surrounding grass area cut regularly by authorities)

The North Belfast bin even has grass growing out of it
The North Belfast bin even has grass growing out of it

A litter bin in North Belfast has not been emptied in almost three years because nobody would take responsibility for it.

The bin, on the corner of Canning Street and Clanmorris Street, is overflowing with dog waste and beer cans and even has weeds and grass growing out of it.

Local man, Stephen Lundy, has been on a quest to finally have the bin emptied, but says that he's been passed from 'pillar to post' as nobody will take responsibility for it.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Stephen Lundy said that the bin was "toxic" and that it posed a risk to residents.

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive finally admitted to owning the bin, and has since promised to have it emptied and cleaned.

According to residents, the grass around the bin was frequently cut by authorities but the bin was continually ignored.

One resident, Gordon Clarke, said the fact that the grass had been cut around the bin had been particularly frustrating for residents.

"Whoever is maintaining the grass must be well aware of the state of it," he said.

"As long as I can remember, the bin has been left so long that it actually has grass growing out of it.

"There is a bench right beside it, but who would want to sit there with that beside them? Something needs to be done about it."