LÉ Róisín rescues 347 people in the Mediterranean

LÉ Róisín rescues 347 people in the Mediterranean

The LÉ Róisín has rescued 347 people in three separate operations in the Mediterranean.

Some 668 migrants were saved from boats in distress in the Mediterranean off Libya, officials say.

They were rescued by Italian coast guard and navy ships, aided by Irish and German vessels and humanitarian organisations, Italian and Irish officials said.

The rescues are the latest by a multi-national patrol south of Sicily that has saved thousands this week.

The Defence Forces said the vessel Le Roisin, deployed earlier this month in the humanitarian search and rescue mission, saved 123 migrants from a 12-metre-long dinghy and recovered a male body.

The crew were then re-tasked to a mission on an Italian ship and a further 101 migrants were rescued.

And last night a further 123 rescued migrants were transferred from a German ship - the Karlsruhe.

The rescued migrants are now receiving food, water and medical treatment where required.