LATEST: Munich gunman planned attack for one year

Ali David Sonboly
Ali David Sonboly

A gunman who killed nine people in a shooting rampage in Munich had planned the attack for one year, Bavaria's state crime office has said citing materials found at his home.

The gunman, named as Ali David Sonboly by German media, purchased the pistol for the attack on the internet.

The state prosecutor's office has said that the victims were not classmates of the gunman.

Senior German officials have called for further controls on the sale of guns after Friday's deadly shooting.

The 18-year-old lone gunman began shooting at a McDonald's restaurant at the Olympia shopping centre near Munich's Olympic stadium, triggering a lockdown in the Bavarian state capital.

The attacker, who took his own life, was born and brought up in the Munich area and had spent time in psychiatric care.

Police said that the attacker, who had more than 300 bullets in his backpack and pistol when he was found dead, was obsessed with mass killings.

"We must continue to do all we can to limit and strictly control access to deadly weapons," German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the centre-left Social Democrats, told German media.

Mr Gabriel had said German authorities were investigating how the German-Iranian dual national gained access to a weapon despite signs that he had significant psychological issues.

"Gun control is an important issue," Mr Gabriel told reporters.

The Munich shooting was the third act of violence against civilians in Western Europe - and the second in southern Germany - in eight days.

Three Turkish citizens, three Kosovans and one Greek citizen were among the dead in Munich.

Sixteen others were injured, of whom three are in critical condition. Most of the casualties were young people aged 15 to 21, Bavarian public television said.