'Kim will get worse before she gets better'

'Kim will get worse before she gets better'

SOCIALITE Lisa Murphy has said that the armed raid on Kim Kardashian in Paris has brought the terror of being a robbery victim herself flooding back.

Lisa was tied up by callous thieves when they ransacked the mansion she used to live in with solicitor Gerald Kean near Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow, in May 2011.

The raid echoes the robbery carried out by a masked gang on Kim Kardashian on Monday as thieves snatched $10million worth of jewellery and her phones. 

Speaking in detail for the first time to the Sunday World this week, Lisa said her heart goes out to Kim.

“I was at home when I saw it on the news in the morning and it was all over the TV,” she said.  

“It brought the terror back to me again. I’m quite shocked because of the amount of security she has all of the time. 

“It was bringing me back to when I went through it and it’s just horrendous. I suppose with the security we had in the house, you never think it’s going to happen to you, that’s what everybody thinks. 

“It’s not even the jewellery – it’s the aftermath of it all. They don’t realise the impact it has on your life, your future. Kim will get worse before she gets better. She will think she’s okay, like I did, and then it will hit her – post-traumatic stress.

“I obviously know what she went through and it’s horrendous.”

Lisa said that, like Kim Kardashian, she was tied up and threatened by the raiders before they made off with her jewellery. 

“They asked, ‘where’s the safe?’, and I said ‘There is no safe’. They literally held me on the ground.

“They used cable ties and my hands were held behind my back. They had a knife and they were going to stab me in the back if I didn’t tell them where it was.

“I was screaming and I was crying. I was praying to my brother in heaven who died when he was 25 to help me. Then in the next minute I was talking myself out of a panic attack.

“I was there for nearly three hours, screaming my head off and in tears before Gerald got home and freed me.”

Lisa said the raiders had clearly done their homework before breaking into the house.

“It was a Thursday, and most of the time I work late, so I’m never usually home was around 6.30pm,” recalls the 44-year-old, who has since split from Gerald.

“The night before they had set off the alarm, they tried to get in, but they saw that there were people in the house, as we have neighbours that respond if the alarm goes off.

“They knew they had to get us when the alarm was off, so basically they were at the side of the house waiting for me the next evening.”

Lisa was on the phone to a friend when she noticed something odd moving near the back door and waited until she was finished the call before she investigated.

“They were listening for me to get off the phone and when I got off, I went to the back door to see what that CCTV image I was seeing was. 

“That was it, they were in on top of me,” explains Lisa, who was engaged to dancer Michael Flatley before her relationship with Gerald.

“There were four of them and they used cable ties on my arms, but didn’t gag me.”

Like in Kim’s case, the raiders appeared to have specific intelligence about the jewellery Lisa had.    

“The first thing they did was to ask specifically for Michael’s [Flatley] ring, they specifically asked for that.

“I’m still perplexed about how they zoned in on Michael’s ring. I’m sure they would have seen my jewellery in photographs or whatever. Michael’s ring was originally bought for in excess of €500,000.”

The blonde, from Ballinteer in South Dublin, reveals that several times during the raid she actually thought she was going to be killed.

“They were pulling at my fingers to try and get my rings off. I said, ‘I will take them off’, but they were just trying to get in and out as quick as possible. 

“But they said, ‘look we will do this the hard way’ and they basically ripped them off my fingers,” she sighs.

“All the jewellery together was worth over €1million.”

The jewellery has never been recovered, while the thieves have managed to escape justice.

“They weren’t insured because the house was under construction at the time and it had to be finished before it could be insured,” Lisa pointed out.

“They never got them [the thieves], unfortunately. Jewellery is the last thing I want to think about these days, though. I still try to never talk about it and I am still devastated over it.”

“I still have nightmares I suffered from panic attacks after the incident. 

“It still affects me. Even if I’m going for a walk and somebody walks close to me, that fear goes right through me.

“You learn to live with it, and I went to counselling, but you certainly never get over it.”