Kids in hospital after waterpark incident

Maeve Lodge from Navan pictured at home with her children Lauren (11) and Aaron (2)
Maeve Lodge from Navan pictured at home with her children Lauren (11) and Aaron (2)

Gardai have said that around a dozen people, including children, received hospital attention yesterday after an incident at a popular waterpark on Friday afternoon.

The management of Funtasia Waterpark, in Drogheda, county Louth, said there was a strong smell of chlorine in the pool and added that system checks “showed the level of chlorine in the pool was within acceptable levels.”

"However some of those present experienced symptoms such as nausea, coughing, watering eyes and running noses," the statement adds.

"The pool area was cleared of customers as soon as possible and subsequently closed. A full recalibration of the pool system is now underway and the pool will remain closed until this is complete.

If anyone who visited the venue experienced any of the above symptoms, it is advised they seek medical advice."

Another statement issued later added: "We have requested that the Health and Safety Authority and the Environmental Section of Louth County Council look into the matter and the pool area will only re-open after consultation with these bodies."

A number of people, many of them parents, used social media to speak about symptoms they and their children experienced.

Declan Dunne from Skerries, county Dublin went there with his three children and their two cousins on Friday afternoon aged between five and 13 years.

Yesterday one of their cousins, an 11-year-old boy, was still in Temple Street Children’s Hospital being treated for a severe inflammation of his larynx.

Mr Dunne said, “I saw a lifeguard come into the waterpark and he was covering his mouth and nose with a t-shirt and he began to open windows and doors.  It was just after 1pm.”

“A few minutes later I saw another staff member help an adult customer who had vomit on him from a child.  Then my five-year-old son began complaining of sore eyes and wanting to get out. I heard another customer say that a large amount of people were vomiting.”

Gary Lodge from Navan, who went to the waterpark with his wife Maeve and children Aaron (2) and Lauren (11) said, “I have never experienced anything like it in my life.”

“My wife and the children are coughing. I am very headachy and my nose is burning.  There was a crazy amount of chlorine in the pool,” he added.

In a further statement Funtasia said, “Customers who would like to talk to the venue team directly, please call 041 9898 000 or email”