Jubilation as Michael Lowry tops the poll in Tipperary

Jubilation as Michael Lowry tops the poll in Tipperary

There are scenes of jubilation as Michael Lowry tops the poll in Tipperary.

“I did what Kilkenny never could, I’ve done the five in a row,” he told Newstalk. “Tipperary has had a love for me for over 28 years now”.

Speaking about whether he would be needed to support Fine Gael in government, Lowry said it was “always irrelevant”.

“I was amused at the amount of publicity it got,” he said, “I predicted it would be irrelevant, other politicians were using me for their own purposes.

It’s been a very bad election for the government. Fine Gael made a major mistake in their strategy – they said they were a safe hand on  the economy, but then in week one they went with auction politics and lost all credibility.”

Meanwhile, Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter has lost his Dáil seat with the Green Party taking a surprise win in Dublin Rathdown.

Catherine Martin leapfrogged Mr Shatter on the sixth count, finishing shy of a quota with 9,421 but took the lead when there were no candidates left to be eliminated. Fine Gael took the second seat through Josepha Madigan, a councillor, who also failed to reach a quota.