Is this the biggest baby ever born?

Is this the biggest baby ever born?

An Australian mum was in for a big surprise when she welcomed a baby boy who weighed a few grams short of a stone this week.

Breanna Sykes was warned by medics that her baby would be large, but doctors were shocked when the 13lb baby was born by Caesarean section in Perth’s Joondalup Health Campus.

"One of the doctors said 'this is the biggest baby I've ever seen in my 15-year career'. It's pretty amazing," Ms Sykes told Nine News in Australia.

The first-time mum and her partner Elvis were astonished when a photograph of baby Ziad Kadic showed just how much bigger he was than the average baby. Doctors say the newborn is the size of an average three-month-old tot.

Due to his size Ziad could not be delivered naturally as it would put Skyes’ pelvis at risk.

"They said he's just not going to fit, if I try and push the baby he would break my pelvis so I had to get a caesarean.

"But, he's here safe and happy and that's what matters," she said.

The baby is one of the largest newborns to ever recorded, and is also a very tall boy measuring 57cm long already.

"Everyone's talking about it, the big, giant baby.

"He's very heavy. He's a double newborn. I've only had him for two minutes and I've already got a dead arm," Ms Sykes said.