Pic: Irish Water sends letter to man who died six years ago

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Mother of two Jessica Montague from Gorey has spoken of her shock at getting a letter from Irish Water addressed to her dead husband.

On the week that Irish Water began to send out bills a widow in Wexford received a very distressing letter from them.

Jessica Montague, a mother of two, posted this image to her Facebook page last night with this caption: 'This morning's post. Two letters from IW addressed to my deceased husband. Nearly 6 years dead and you dare to put that on a letter. No, I will not be contacting you to clarify your error.'

Speaking to the Irish Times, Montague spoke of her distress.

“I can appreciate someone making a clerical or database error, but someone had to input the data and put in the words RIP after my husband’s name. I don’t know why they would deliberately do that,” she said.

“I’m so perturbed as to why they sent it. It doesn’t make sense for a new utility to send a bill to someone who died several years ago,” she added.