Irish tourist beaten by ladyboy in Thailand

Merry and his alleged attacker
Merry and his alleged attacker

An Irish tourist was beaten over the head by a stiletto-wielding ladyboy in Thailand after rejecting her advances.

The images, posted on PattayaNews' Facebook page, show the aftermath of the incident involving 55-year-old Michael Merry at the weekend.

Merry was reportedly walking down the street in the resort of Pattaya when a ladyboy named as 24-year-old Wichai Sripalang approached him.

The Daily Mail quotes local police who say that that Sripalang 'molested' Merry and after he pushed her away Sripalang hit Merry over the head with one of her high heels.

Pol Maj Piyapong Ensarn, a local police officer, said: 'The transgender woman who approached him and offered sexual services, he declined the offer but she then put her arms around him and molested him. 

'This annoyed him and he shoved her away, causing her to fall to the ground. When she stood up she took of one of her shoes, and used it to hit the victim over the head.'

Police, and medical personnel, were soon on hand to treat Merry for his injuries and Sripalang, who stayed at the scene, is expected to receive a fine over the incident.