Irish teen to face mass trial in Egypt

Irish teen to face mass trial in Egypt

An Irish teen will face a mass trial for the ninth time in Egypt today.

Ibrahim Halawa (19) has been held in an Egyptian prison for 779 days, since he was arrested at a protest in a Cairo mosque in August 2013.

His trial has been repeatedly postponed and this is the 9th trial date the Dublin teen has been given.

Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland Colm O'Gorman has said even if Ibrahim's trial goes ahead today he doesn't think it would be a fair one.

“This is like some kind of horror story Groundhog Day at this stage, We will see, as we have seen in many other of these mass trials, mass convictions and mass sentences being handed down,” Mr O ‘Gorman said.

“We have seen trials involving 600 or more defendants previously where the so called trials are taken in under 20 minutes.

“We have seen hundreds of death sentences and lengthy prison sentences handed down afterwards, so that remains a very real option and that is one of the big concerns.”