Irish suicide bomber failed to kill any Iraqi forces

Irish suicide bomber failed to kill any Iraqi forces

The Irishman, Khalid Kelly, who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Iraq failed to kill any of the forces he was targeting, it has emerged.

A spokesman for the Iraqi forces said Kelly, who was originally from the Liberties in Dublin, was blown up by an anti-tank rocket as he drove a specially adapted armoured vehicle laden with explosives at Iraqi forces on Friday before blowing himself up.

The Islamic State group, also known as Isis, claimed Kelly, named Abu Usama Al-Irlandi by the group, died on Friday in a suicide attack which killed and wounded ‘dozens’ of Iraqi forces from the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) often referred to as Shia militias.

But a spokesman for the PMU told The Irish Times that there were ‘no deaths, thank God’ from the Irishman’s suicide attack.

“We had eight injured troops from shrapnel and blast wave. No deaths thank God,” the PMU spokesman said.

“He was stopped with the second RPG7 that got the vehicle but was close enough that shrapnel reached some troops not sheltered in vehicles.”

 “Al Irlandi was killed in al-Masayid. The [PMU]advance was not halted at all, the village was liberated over three days ago and this attack did not change this.”

Today Sunday World reveals how Dubliner Khalid Kelly tried to recruit Irish ‘martyrs’ with an obese terror suspect months before he travelled to Iraq and blew himself up trying to defend ISIS’s sex-slave camps in Iraq.

On Friday, Kelly – who was born and bred in Dublin’s south inner-city – became the first Irish person to blow himself up in a suicide bombing as part of the bloody war for Iraq.

A propaganda channel for ISIS later claimed the blast on the outskirts of Mosul had claimed the lives of ‘tens’ of Shia fighters.

The trained nurse was in a modified amoured car laden with explosives which exploded in Tal Afar, near Mosul, where ISIS fighters are involved in a desperate battle with Iraqi forces.