WATCH: Irish and Swedish fans enjoy friendly kickabout in fan zone next to the Eiffel Tower

Fans enjoying themselves in Paris
Fans enjoying themselves in Paris

Irish and Swedish fans have been enjoying a friendly kickabout in the fan zone next to the Eiffel Tower.

Both sides showed off the footballing prowess but will leave it to the professionals from both countries when they take on each other tomorrow.

And the rival fans were joined in with the fun game by a couple of England supporters.

One Swedish fan claimed to have Irish blood on his mother's side.

"They're from Drogheda, Dundalk, Newry and Galway," he said matter of factly.

Richard Nilsson (28), is from Stockholm, but his mother is from Collon, Co Louth.

He says: “I go back to Ireland quite often. I’m getting a lot of jibes from my friends, I’ve bet on Ireland to win 2-1.”

Among the Irish in the group was Alan Kelly (22), Newmarket on Fergus, Co Clare, Owen Kelly (30), also from Newmarket, Peter Conway (29), Newcastle West, Co Limerick, Alan Moynihan (29), also Newcastle West, Ricky Hill (31), Monkstown, Cork, Rory McGowan (30), Castleknock, Dublin, and Kevin Dockrell (31), also Castleknock.

"We flew in on Friday and we'r going home Tuesday, but we're coming back out Tuesday week for the game in Lille," says Peter.

"It's our first tournament. The craic is great. The beer is great, but what do expect from from France, it's pricey. You save up!."

Kevin adds: "We're having a great time mingling with everyone. It's been brilliant, it's like Poznan all over again."