WATCH: 'I regret the wasted years' - Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair

NewsBy Paula Mackin
Johnny Adair (Pic: Conor McCaughley)
Johnny Adair (Pic: Conor McCaughley)

Loyalist godfather Johnny Adair says he regrets the “wasted years” of the Troubles.

In an exclusive interview, former terror chief Mad Dog reveals his disdain and contempt for the rump of loyalism and the pointless dirty dissident war, and laments the needless deaths of thousands during the conflict.

The closest Adair can get to his old stomping ground is a wistful gaze across the Irish Sea – the memories of the halcyon days when he was top dog and the most feared military commander in the country are never far from the surface.

They are memories tinged with remorse...