Hutch family gives its side on the feud that has "affected them deeply"

Gerry Hutch
Gerry Hutch

The Dublin crime family caught up in a bitter gang feud that has the city in Garda lock down has appealed for privacy while attempting to give their side of the story.

The Hutch family that is engaged in a vicious war with the Kinahan cartel have released a statement saying they have been deeply affected by the deaths of Gary and Eddie Hutch, both victims of the clash with the Kinahans.

They said Gary was murdered in Spain last year despite a pay-off to the cartel run by crime godfather Christy Kinahan and that Eddie, who was gunned down last Monday, was also killed by the gang.

A senior member of the Hutch family issued the statement  to the Sunday  Times in which the family described  how they paid 200,000 to the Kinahans in a  bid to spare Gary’s life and that they are being  chased for 200,000 more.

“Gary had a falling out with the Kinahan organisation,” the statement reads. “This matter was resolved and 200,000 in cash was paid over to the Kinahans.

“We shook hands and agreed to walk way. Gary was then murdered for no reason. You cannot trust these people.”

The statement then details a meeting in Europe two weeks ago between both sides when a demand was made on the Hutch family for another 200,000.

“The Kinahan organisation has attempted to kill Gerry on several occasions in recent months. We are being terrorised by the cartel, “the statement adds.

“Kinahan’s representatives said members of our family would be killed or forced to leave their homes and Ireland if their demands for money were not met.

”We believe the Kinahan drugs cartel murdered Eddie at his home in Dublin last Monday having approached him days before with demands for money.

“Our extended family are under threat from these people.”

The statement insists the family did not want to become embroiled in violence.

“Our family is not involved in a drugs war,” it adds. “We are well known in the north inner city and have no involvement in drugs.”

The statement then appeals  for privacy ahead of the funeral this week of Eddie, and the young member of the Kinahan gang, David Byrne, who was gunned down in tin the Regency Hotel.