Hundreds of teens flock to city centre to watch young girls fight

The scene at the pre-arranged fight on Castle Street
The scene at the pre-arranged fight on Castle Street

Around 200 youngsters flocked to Castle Street in Belfast city centre yesterday afternoon to watch a pre-arranged fight between two young girls.

Shocked shoppers could only stand and watch as the grotesque scene unravelled in front of them, with children as young as 11 reported to be goading the girls on.

 The fight had be pre-arranged on Facebook.

Videos and photos of the two girls fighting appeared on social media afterwards, showing a girl in a purple hoodie and a girl in a grey tracksuit attacking each other, pulling each others' hair.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: "Two teenage girls have been arrested after what we believe was a pre-arranged fight in Belfast city centre.

"Disturbances were reported in and around Castle Street and Millfield earlier this afternoon.

"Officers responded and as many as perhaps 200 young people were found to be present, having apparently been alerted by social media.

"We cannot stress enough how dangerous and frankly stupid this business of prearranging fights is.

"Teenagers are risking not only physical harm but also a criminal record. This needs to stop now."