Hook-up app boss heads out to 'home of the shift'

Sean Rad
Sean Rad

Tinder CEO Sean Rad, dubbed the man behind 20 million first dates, took himself off to the home of ‘the shift’ in Dublin last week when he popped in to Copper Face Jacks.

Rad, who introduced swiping to the dating vocabulary, was on stage at the Web Summit in the RDS to discuss the phenomenal success of the dating app.

After wowing the audience with his explanation for his success, where else would the man ‘responsible for 20 million first dates’ head but straight Dublin’s own home of the hook-up, Copper Face Jacks?

Rad was brought to the nightspot on Wednesday by friends, and according to eyewitnesses road tested his own APP to see how many Irish users were nearby looking for romance.

Rad stepped down as CEO of Tinder during the year but stayed on with the company before he was reinstated. 

Now, he is the man behind the message that Tinder is for those looking for long time love.

“What we found was that over 80 per cent on tinder are there to find long term relationships,” he told the audience at the Web Summit.

And when asked about the other 20 per cent he remarked “friendships, or hooking-up”.

“In the world of data, Tinder’s a game changer,” said Paddy Cosgrave, one of the founders of the summit who had become embroiled in a row with the Government over a perceived lack of support.

Since Tinder’s release in 2012, the app has seen close to nine billion matches. It’s been responsible for approximately 20 million first dates, with over half leading to second dates.

“Tinder is increasing the number of connections in the world,” Rad declared.

“It’s been our mission since day one to uncover every possible relationship that can happen.”

He also had tips for the Tinder users in the audience including his best piece of advice which is be yourself.

“We underestimate our ability to look at a photo and pick up the nuances,” he explained.

”When you’re not yourself, people can sniff that,” he said.

After his appearance at the summit, Rad decided to head over to Harcourt Street to see for himself the nightclub that has played its own part in bringing people, particularly nurses and gardai and people from the country, together.

The legendary nightspot has had its own fair share of love stories.

In July, a woman launched a national appeal to find a man she met in Coppers who she believes is her 11-year-old’s father.

The unnamed woman wrote a letter to the Ryan Tubridy’s show on 2FM who then read it out on air.

In the letter, the woman described the night in question - “Friday, August 2, 2003 when Laois was playing Armagh on the Saturday”.

Although her memory of the events is hazy, she said that they “weren’t too drunk” and she thinks the man’s name was Sean that he was from Armagh and possibly wore an earring.

“Myself and my friends went out on the Friday night and I met someone in Coppers. We got separated from our friends and went to what I think was the Bewley’s Hotel in Ballsbridge,” she wrote.

“I left the next morning for the match. I didn’t think anything of it. Yes, we had a one night stand and as a result I have a wonderful son.”

She never spoke to the guy again and she now has a partner who is a ‘brilliant’ stepdad to her son.

“I want nothing from him, he has his own life but I just wanted to let him know. We all do stupid things but I have no regrets,” she says.

“My son is 11 and he has brilliant stepdad now and everything is great. That night woke me up in life and made me grow up… Everyone does these kinds of things when they are young and this has been on my mind for years wondering what I could do to find this person without a second name. I thought I would give your show a try.”

It was also reported that Coppers was the favourite haunt   of the girl who caused a scandal when she engaged in an alleged threesome with two rugby stars.

The graduate worker fled Ireland after Facebook boasts to her friend about the alleged romp with the two Irish stars went viral on the internet.

The Wicklow woman was named on social networking sites amid claims there was a video circulating of the encounter in a Dublin hotel.

After a holiday with friends in Las Vegas, the girl was later seen partying in Copper Face Jack’s and Diceys.