We retrace hood Hutch's brutal final moments

Nicola at the spot where Hutch finally fell
Nicola at the spot where Hutch finally fell

These are the pictures that show how the last moments of criminal Gary Hutch’s life were about as brutal as he could ever have imagined.

A Sunday World team gained access to the murder scene this weekend and were able to recreate the chilling chase that ended in a pool of blood.

In a dark and lonely car park underneath a complex of apartments, a masked gunman hid in the shadows as the 34-year-old stepped in out of the blazing September sun of the Costa del Sol to get into his car.

There is no doubt that he had been watched before, as he emerged from the run-down two-bed ground-floor apartment where he had been living in recent months. In fact, the hit was meticulous.

The flat, in a quiet compound off the beaten track, wasn’t quite what Hutch was used to, but it was a place to stay while he got back on his feet and regained the trust of his one-time comrades in crime.

Our pictures show how the brutal underworld hit unfolded: 

(1) Just inside the car park door he must have noticed something wasn’t right. He knew how things could end up in his world. He had seen violent death before and was even suspected of shootings himself.

In 2008, when his pal Paddy Doyle was ambushed in Estepona in a jeep, Hutch was with him, but miraculously escaped. Those who could read between the lines knew that Hutch had set up his old pal and was well aware of what was going to happen to him that fateful day.

Gary Hutch

Hutch had spent the past year looking over his shoulder as he tried to heal a rift with former associates, after accusations were levelled at him for being a rat.

He desperately wanted his charmed life on the Costa back, where he once lived in a luxurious penthouse and partied hard with pretty girls while snorting line after line of cocaine.

(2) On Thursday morning the first gunshots exploded through the eerie silence of the car park and hit him, throwing him to the ground. 

(3) Instinct and adrenalin got him up and he tore at the ground and grabbed at the walls (below) as he rushed for the door and back out towards the manicured gardens of Angel de Miraflores complex.

(4) With blood dripping from his wounds he ran down a small walkway which leads to the lower gardens and around past the swimming pool.

(5) Injured and losing blood quickly, he tried desperately to find safety, but the bullets kept coming. He must have known his luck had run out. 

(6) As he took his final steps, one of eight bullets ripped through the back of his head and he slumped to the ground in a pool of blood. Ex-pat pensioners had fled and shut their doors as the dreadful noises began. 

Police chalk marks the spot around one of the bullet casings

(7) As quickly as it erupted, silence rang out over the quiet hillside estate and a lone gunman ran up a steep driveway and passed the security cameras.

(8) Gary Hutch lay dead in a pool of blood on the ground.

Nicola at the spot where Hutch fell and died

The gunman got tired. Halfway up the driveway he started to walk and calmly let himself out through the electric gates and into a waiting BMW.

It was found later burned out in a different police district, which will no doubt confuse the investigation. 

Even by underworld standards, the murder of Gary Hutch was extraordinary in its efficiency, brutality and its callous disregard for the neighbours.

Nicola pictured where the first shots rang out in the garage

Hutch knew his life was in danger and had already fled the Costa after a shooting incident in the garden of Daniel Kinahan’s gated mansion last year.

Then innocent boxing coach Jamie Moore was blasted and left for dead in a case of mistaken identity.

Rumours of missing money and touting were rife. Death usually follows in their wake. 

The nephew of retired robber Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, was once the most trusted lieutenant of the Kinahan drug cartel and he wanted to get back into the action.

Angels de Miraflores is not the kind of place that those who knew him would expect Hutch to hang out. It is a quiet area populated by pensioners and serviced by a handful of quiet bars.

Neighbours say that they rarely saw or heard from him. 

“I thought his name was Finnegan,” one woman said. “I knew he was Irish but I didn’t even know his first name. He was in that apartment but we thought it belonged to a relative of his. We paid no heed.”

His remains are still in Spain and his father Patsy, a carpet fitter, is expected to make the heartbreaking journey over the coming days to bring his son home.

“He had his parents heart broken,” a source said. “They knew he was in trouble. They knew he was living on borrowed time, but it was like he didn’t believe he would go any other way but in a hail of bullets. He had that attitude to life.”

As Gary Hutch found out on Thursday, when it comes to organised crime, a bullet in the head is just another way of doing business on the Costa.