High hopes for good weather for the rest of the week

High hopes for good weather for the rest of the week

There are high hopes that the glorious sunshine most of the country is enjoying today will continue into the week ahead.

Met Éireann says that today will see sunny spells in most parts with highest temperatures of between 17 to 20 degrees.

As the week goes on, forecasters say the outlook is for “relatively warm conditions” with a lot of dry weather. Temperatures will remain similar to these weekend’s highs with rainfall most likely in some areas tomorrow.

The dry and sunny weather will carry on to Tuesday, with temperatures of 15C to 20C expected throughout the country. Outbreaks of rain will develop throughout the day in the east and north.

Wednesday will be cloudy with some showers in the southwest and west, though it is set to stay dry in many parts of the country and temperatures are set to rise to 21C in the afternoon.

Towards the end of the week, temperatures will reach the low 20s with indications of lasting for the long weekend, though there is a threat of some rain.