Government to use info from Sky and UPC to catch TV Licence dodgers

Crackdown coming for TV Licence dodgers
Crackdown coming for TV Licence dodgers

Communications Minister Alex White is proposing to use customer information from Sky and UPC to detect those who don't have a valid TV Licence.

New legislation to this effect will be put in train soon but it will be months before it becomes law when the subscription companies will be forced to hand over customer's details.

It is estimated that 15 per cent of Irish households don't have the €160 licence and 411 people were jailed for not having one in 2013.

The Minister says that the extra 15 per cent is worth an extra €25million to the exchequer and that getting everyone to pay was simply a matter of 'fairness'. The Licence brings in €220m a year, and €180m of that goes to RTE. The rest is spread between TG4 and and independent producers.

An Post, who look after TV Licences in Ireland, say that they currently have 90 staff and that they have recently changed their work practices to try and catch more dodgers, such as weekend and evening checks on homes.