Girl (7) saves pregnant mum’s life

Tara and Gordon with Danielle and Lexie
Tara and Gordon with Danielle and Lexie

A seven-year-old girl has been hailed a hero after her bravery in a crisis helped save the life of her pregnant mum and her unborn baby.

Danielle Walsh used a mobile phone to ring her dad and keep in touch with the emergency services as her mum Tara was passing out due to haemorrhaging.

Her presence of mind ensured a happy ending, with Tara giving birth prematurely to a healthy baby girl.

The drama began for the Walsh family, from Sallins, Co. Kildare, at around 7.20am one Monday as Danielle and her mother Tara were getting ready for the school run. Tara, who was 28 weeks pregnant, suddenly started losing consciousness.

“I called Danielle and told her to ring her daddy. I fell over the landing, I was bleeding heavily,” Tara said.

Knowing that she was about to pass out, she instinctively threw her mobile phone at her daughter Danielle.

 “After I dialled 999 so I just gave the mobile to her. Danielle talked to the ambulance men, gave them the address and later let them in.

“She kept her cool and talked away keeping me awake, which was crucial. She did a great job and I don’t know how she did it.”

The Coombe hospital in Dublin called the house and Danielle calmly spoke to the doctors, relaying the details of Tara’s condition.

Danielle joked: “I kept thinking of my daddy and how he panics so I just thought ‘Danielle, breathe, breathe!’”

The paramedics took Tara to Naas General Hospital and, once stable, they brought her to the Coombe, where she delivered baby Lexie by emergency c-section.

Danielle has for once upstaged her more famous sister Jasmine Brady, a talented actress who plays Amanda in the popular soap Fair City.

Baby Lexie is doing great and was discharged from hospital on Thursday of last week.

“She’s really good and loves cartoons, but she’s only the size of a jelly baby sweet,” smiled Danielle.