Garda whistleblower John Wilson may be forced to emigrate

John Wilson
John Wilson

The man who blew the whistle on the penalty points scandal in An Garda Siochana is facing emigration so he can get work and pay off the bank that is after him for mortgage arrears.

John Wilson quit the force in the aftermath of the scandal in 2013, calling his position 'untenable' but he has since struggled to find work and he admits in the Anglo Celt that he 'urgently' needs to supplement his Garda pension.

KBC bank have begun legal proceedings against Wilson for 'six-figure mortgage arrears' and he admits that emigration may be the only option for him.

'I'll probably have to emigrate, to be honest. I've been talking to people in England, very recently, exploring the possibility of getting a job.

'I was a career police officer, I don't have any other skills. I have to do something, this is all uncharted territory.

The 52-year-old father of three is adamant that he isn't looking for sympathy, comparing his situation to that of tens of thousands of familes in Ireland and he is confident he will coem through this, just as he did bowel cancer last year.

'We'll just have to overcome this in the way that I've overcoem other difficulties in my life.'